CIRCLE is known for designing “signature spaces” so it was only natural that we would offer our clients a quality cabinet line to complement their new transformation. What excites us about Signature by CIRCLE is if we can draw it, it can be made!

Click here to view The Roanoker September 2022 to read about a modern bachelor pad we were the Interior Designer, Architect, and Contractor on in Catawba – featuring our Signature by CIRCLE cabinet line!

The reasons it should excite YOU:

● Unlimited combinations of styles, colors, and wood species
● Customizable configurations
● Add-on Accessories, e.g. charging drawers, integral lighting, and motorized pulls to name a few
● Guaranteed delivery time
● Factory-finishes and construction backed by a Warranty

Become a part of the CIRCLE!

Signature by CIRCLE Cabinetry is an added dimension of our design and construction workflow that ensures the vision that we develop together is carried forward in the design details that matter the most to you.

Endless possibilities

With countless finishes, door styles, and hardware, the possibilities for your signature space are endless.

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