CIRCLE Design Studio’s vision is…

To share the
transformative power of design
around the globe.

Design has the power to make the world a better place. While many of CIRCLE’s clients enjoy the luxurious spaces we create for them, we recognize that there are many around the world who struggle to have their basic needs met daily.

This became evident in 2016 when John traveled to Chapala, Mexico, as an architect missionary to design a school for an orphanage. We realized our creative gifts can benefit those in need. As a family-centered company, our hearts are drawn to serve children without parents and to give them a hope-filled future.

Every year CIRCLE will be partners in giving to faith-based orphanages around the world, donating a percentage of CIRCLE’s profits. If you feel moved to help these non-profit organizations, see our list of recipients:

Rapha International
Love in Action, Mexico
Radion International, Thailand