Roanoke Renovation

The homeowners wanted to take an outdated 1960s ranch and update it with a more open floor plan, contemporary furnishings, and a fireplace as a focal point in the main living space. The challenge was the loadbearing wall between the living room and the kitchen/dining area, and the massive amounts of 60’s wallpaper.
To create a more open look, we cut through the loadbearing wall between the living room and dining/kitchen areas and reinforced the openings. The result was a dining alcove and a galley kitchen hidden by the remaining portion of the wall. We designed a coffee bar for the end of the kitchen near the dining area and added a seated bar at the other end.

Updating the fireplace wall involved covering it with sustainable zebrawood and adding a more modern insert to the fireplace. The zebrawood’s dark stripes on a lighter background add a distinctive design element. We covered the floor in the kitchen-living room space with a neutral porcelain tile. Additionally we added a long, elevated bookcase across a living room wall to showcase some of their modern art and to provide a more fitting backdrop for their modern furniture.