CIRCLE Design Studio’s award-winning, multi-disciplinary approach has successfully implemented design concepts in a variety of settings from healthcare to high-end residential.  Whether new construction or renovation, small or large in scope, we bring together a team of collaborative, seasoned professionals who prioritize both quality of design and craftsmanship as well as overall vision.



From your initial contact with us, our primary focus is to listen and ask questions. We need to know your vision, expectations, time constraints, and budget as well as aesthetic and functional needs. Every successful design project is built on a mutual understanding gained in the initial interview and maintained by continued communication throughout the process.


Once we determine your needs, wants, vision, and constraints, we begin drafting 3D renderings and digital mood boards. The features are refined as we make decisions regarding specific design elements while also considering application and possible pre-existing conditions.


In this final stage of design, we drill down to the smallest detail to ensure we have everything we need to bring the project to life. This includes detailed floor plans, materials, finishes, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and much more. We take great care in maintaining your overall vision, while also focusing on seemingly inconsequential details and considering installation of each material.


Our team of Architects work closely with our Interior Designers to produce the drawings needed to acquire necessary permits, request bids, and complete construction. Whether you hire CIRCLE Design Build to carry out construction or work with an outside contractor, we will walk with you through the entire process.


Once construction begins, we conduct site visits, hold progress meetings, and provide any additional drawings needed to ensure your vision becomes reality. We understand how stressful the construction process can be and we take pride in our ability to see a project through to completion, whether that means serving as your Contractor or working collaboratively with an outside Contractor or Builder on your behalf.


Interior details such as furniture and soft furnishings are an important element to a functional, livable home. Whether your budget allows for entirely new furnishings or you need to work in existing pieces and family heirlooms, our Designers will provide you with a space plan and 3D renderings so you can “walk through” the space.


“You have to see it to believe it.” This saying is especially applicable in the interior design world. And 3D models make it happen. The fact of the matter is that most people cannot visualize what a space will look like just from seeing 2D plans and elevations.

That’s why HGTV and Pinterest are so popular – because people love to see the possibilities of what their house can look like. However, these ideas might not always translate to their own home’s rooms. 3D modeling is a tangible way to show clients the transformation of their actual space. The 3D model makes the design come to life with what is essentially a virtual walk-through of the room.

This step is a crucial part of the process for all of CIRCLE Design Studio’s major projects. In fact, we do not take on major projects without 3D. While some of our clients worry that this is an unnecessary expense, we have actually found that it saves time and money because it enables them to catch the vision for the end product. With the excitement of knowing what the space will really look like, they are better able to make decisions without anxiety. They are also less likely to revisit decisions that have already been made.

Our 3D models are often remarkably accurate. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the model and the finished product. Enjoy some of our favorite models with their completed project photos in the galleries below!